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I don’t think, I know my works are not grand. I genuinely appreciate anyone who loves my work or has ever called it “amazing”. I don’t want to take away from that. To be clear, I’m quite proud of what I’ve done. I’m only saying I doubt at this point in my life that I will be a blip on art history’s radar. Albeit talented and skilled, I am no master of the craft. I know because I have not influenced society or culture in any particular way. I have not been a part of any iconic piece of media (yet). This is not an attempt at humility, only an awareness of my shortcomings and capabilities. Nor is it a call for encouragement or some plea for others approval. Perhaps someday this may change as I am still young. For now, I only wish to inspire my fellow creatives, to urge them to create something original. Something that isn’t pandering or recycled. That isn’t to say that presenting a different perspective on an old idea does not have value. There will always be a place for new takes on Frankenstein’s Monster, Dracula and the mythological gods of old. I’m also not disparaging those who follow tried and true formulas that most directly lead to the desired financial outcome. But I argue that when a creative mind is used only to serve as a new coat of paint on an antique mostly to enrich others while simultaneously being void of substance instead of building something the world has never seen or thought about, it is a mind wasted. Have the courage to create something truly new ambitious, and wholly yours. Show the world what makes you unique.

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