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What makes my book marketable?

What makes my stab at an illustrated book series unique? What am I offering above and beyond the sea of stories out there? I have not put enough emphasis on these qualities, and even at a glance, these may not jump out to people.

1. I Self-Published: This gave me the freedom from traditional publishers to go beyond the 32 page format, to 64 pages. Also, I was free from dumbing down the text and being limited to word count or even word length. Kids are smart, and giving them only books with %100 words they can pronounce and understand removes one of the greatest learning opportunities in expanding ones use of language and vocabulary.

2. The book is saturated with Illustrations with hidden messages and beeps represented in braille. Again, not having to follow publisher guidelines, I was able to format the book in a way that I sometimes refer to as Graphic Novel hybrid. It's a story that you read, but anyone will get the general idea by flipping through the pictures.

3. When it comes to the question "what age range?" I think of Pixar's Mission Statement "Pixar's objective is to combine proprietary technology and world-class creative talent to develop computer-animated feature films with memorable characters and heartwarming stories that appeal to audiences of all ages". That last bit is what I had in mind when making the book. Illustrations that appeal to all age groups and a story (and characters) that grow with the audience. I often give the short answer 7-12. which brings me to my 4th point

4. It's a series that grows more mature. As the characters age the themes and concepts will mature as well. My plan is to follow Logan and his friends into young adulthood. In book 2 , which is already written, Logan will finish that chapter at 12 years old. Book 3 will go to 14 and so on.

5. Each book will be longer with more reading. This is tricky as making a full color book longer has steep diminishing returns. As the series goes along I will find solutions, but I will not compromise on quality.

Thanks checking this out.

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